So Many to Choose From at Very Reasonable Prices

The mains has the most exciting selection of items including Jerk Chicken, Jerk Ribs, Jerk Salmon, Stew Fish, Braised Oxtail, Coconut Curry Shrimp, and Coconut goat among others. Jerk Chicken goes for $19 and comes with rice, peas, and pickled slaw. Jerk Ribs go for $23 and comprise guava barbeque, roasted corn served with chadon beni mayo, and toasted coconut. Jerk Salmon goes for $23 and comprises pickled slaw and coconut jasmine rice. Stew fish also goes for the same price and is served with coconut jasmine rice and mixed vegetables. Coconut Curry Shrimp is also an excellent selection, especially if you are particularly fond of seafood. This selection is served with coconut jasmine rice and mixed vegetables. If you love goat meat, you will be delighted to taste Pearl’s Curry Goat. This selection comes with chana and potato and you have the option of either having this meal with dhal puri roti or rice.

Side dishes on Pearl’s menu include macaroni pie, rice & peas, cassava fries, side salad, roasted corn (comprising shado beni aioli and toasted coconut), and mixed vegetables sauteed in a garlic shado beni butter.


Pearl’s also offers a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays running from 12 pm to 4 pm. Selections on the brunch menu include Geera Pork Hash, Jerk Chicken Hash, Bake & Saltfish Cookup, Egg & Cheese on Bake. Breadfruit & Saltfish Cookup, Avocado Smash & Bake, Pumpkin Bake Beignets, and A la Mode.

Happy Hour

Pearl’s also offers a happy hour with a wide selection of drinks including Trini RumPunch, Pearls Rum Punch, Rude Boy, Margarita, Spiked Lib, Dutty Wine Sangria, Sorrel Shandy, and other delights to quench your thirst.

There are many reasons why you should visit Pearl’s when you are in New York City. Pearl’s is alarmingly gentrifying, but it can be quite tricky to eat out in Williamsburg especially if you are not one to indulge in sub-standard $50 steaks in a mid-century furniture surrounding. Pearl’s is a highly reliable and affordable choice that will most certainly delight your taste buds. The old boomboxes on the lightly colored walls covered with beautiful murals, the reggae stars and vinyl of soca in the bathroom, and the bright neon signs–everything at this Williamsburg restaurant is a potent treatment against the seasonal affective disease. But above all else, the food. Of all Caribbean-style cuisines that get extensive coverage, Trinbagonian dishes are perhaps the most diverse, as they exquisitely blend East and South Asian traditions, African, and Amerindian traditions. This creates delightful juxtapositions: rum and butter garlic alternately drench dishes, powder curries awake to the juicy tropical fruit, and mellow coconut creates tangy tamarind. The fearless Fallon Seymor, together with the rest of Pearl’s team defies normal conventions at every turn, and create meals that make you fall in love with every bite. Pearl’s celebrates the distinctions and complexities of Trini cuisine while always being attentive about how to improve them. To cherish and to evolve, is what makes this delightful restaurant wholesome.…

Pearl’s Mouthwatering Main Menu

Authenticity is very essential, especially as it relates to the representation of cuisines and restaurants. When talking about ethnic dishes, particularly if they are of nations that aren’t members of NATO, food enthusiasts tend to accentuate the grittiness of their experience. Great dishes aren’t always accompanied by beautiful decor, clean bathrooms, and a contemporary approach to dishes, but that does not mean that it cannot derive any benefits from them. And although traditional hole-in-the-wall joints serving meals as grandma made it are sweet and delightful, sticking to tradition can sometimes be a hindrance to progress. For instance, your grandmother might have made the world’s best potato patties, but if you do not try to mix things up and broaden your perspective, you might never realize how significantly more delightful they taste with a touch of mango pickle. Fallon Seymour pays great attention to the traditions that her grandmother Pearl taught her. However, Fallon also leads Pearl’s on the path where Caribbean traditions mingle with Trinbagonian and other cuisines. She does not get shy of its romance with India, and things are appealing, beautiful, and cheerful. And besides, no grandma ever encouraged her grandchildren to eat in a room that isn’t attractive or have an unclean bathroom. Having your dining area clean and a bit put together adds to your dining experience and makes it all the more delightful.

What to Eat at Pearl’s

Pearl’s menu features a wide selection of delicious meals that will get you hooked. Some of the dishes you might want to try include, coconut curry shrimp with coconut rice, braised oxtails, corn, and toasted coconut, calypso guac served with plantain chips, salt fish fritters, bake, jerk & stew option, and sweet plantains served with tamarind sauce, just to name a few.

Main Menu

Pearl’s main menu comprises a wonderful selection of small plates, bakes, mains, and side dishes. The great thing about the items on the menu is that, not only are they delicious, but are quite reasonably priced given the restaurant’s location. Small plates include Accra, Chips and Calypso Guac, sweet plantain, Geera fries, Stuffed Crab Back, Pumpkin Corn Soup, Tamarind Wings, baby arugula, mango and corn salad with an option to add jerk chicken, shrimp, and jerk salmon, and channa avocado salad with an option to add jerk chicken, shrimp, and jerk salmon. Pearl’s has a wide selection of Bakes. Bake and Shark go for $13 and consists of a fried shark with tamarind garlic and shado beni sauce, and mango chutney, and pickled slaw. Bake and Shrimp also go for $13 and comprises fried shrimp with tamarind garlic and shado beni sauce, and mango chutney, and pickled slaw. Bake and Pepper Shrimp goes for $15 and is served with arugula and avocado. Bake and Jerk Chicken goes for $13 and comprises pulled jerk chicken served with jerk sauce and pickled slaw pineapple salsa. Bake and Short Ribs is similarly priced and comprises stout braised short ribs, served with pickled slaw and sweet plantains. Bake and Geera Pork is another wonderful selection consisting of double Braised Geera Pork with pineapple salsa and pickled slaw. Bake and Channa go for $9 and comprises curried chickpeas served with cucumber and tamarind sauce.

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Inside “Pearls” – Caribbean Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Caribbean-style dishes are a delightful blend of various unique cuisines from across the globe. The food draws its influences from everywhere you can think of, from Latin America, Europe, South Asia, Creole, Cajun, all the way to Africa. In other words, Caribbean dishes consist of a unique blend of a lot of travelers’ favorite cuisine, often with a unique twist of the region where it is being provided. From tasty meats, tropical fruits to seafood, Caribbean dishes are fresh, bolt, hot and flavorful. The most popular Caribbean restaurants in America have the unique ability to draw flavors from the islands and create delightful dishes that taste homemade. The restaurants range from places offering flying fish and tasty plantains to fiery jerk chicken and promise your tastebuds the taste of their lives. Pearl’s is one such establishment. Located at the center of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Pearl’s is a restaurant offering authentic Caribbean cuisine. The restaurant specializes in Jerk, Bake, and Shark as well as other Caribbean-style meals. With a beautiful backyard, music, a full cocktail bar, and a serene atmosphere, dining at Pearl’s makes you feel as if you really are in the islands. Although Pearl’s is located on a serene and quiet street, it is quite the party there and it is one of the most delightful places to hang out during the summer. The restaurant was created by the same people who created Sweet Chick and offers authentic dishes like shark bakes (sandwiches prepared from shark meat and traditional fry bread), Accra (also known as salt cod fritters), an abundance of island-y cocktails, braised cocktail, and jerk ribs. On a warm night, head to Pearl’s with some of your friends and indulge in the establishment’s excellent back patio. Alternatively, you can visit the Caribbean-style restaurant for their outdoor bottomless brunch which offers you the opportunity to enjoy as many drinks as you can for one hour at just $15.

Dishes at Pearl’s are attentively made by the owner Fallon Seymour and promise a taste you will not easily forget. Originally from Trinbago, Fallon Seymor relocated to New York more than a decade ago to pursue a career as a model. She then married John Seymour, a local with whom she launched a restaurant and later had some children. While Fallon Seymour concentrated on raising the kids, John Seymour launched Sweet Chick, a comfort food chain in London and Manhattan specializing in waffles and chicken. As the children grew older, it was natural for Fallon Seymour to launch her own restaurant chain. She launched Pearl’s, which was named after her grandmother, who used to be a bake maestro. She later embarked on a joint venture with Major Lazer’s DJ Jillionaire to launch Clyde’s, the first Trini bar in New York. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, away from the hustle and bustle of Bed-Stuy’s, Crown Heights’ and other Trinbagonian communities, Pearls offers a more modern taste of traditional staples of Caribbean cuisine without any compromise on authenticity.…