So Many to Choose From at Very Reasonable Prices

So Many to Choose From at Very Reasonable Prices

The mains has the most exciting selection of items including Jerk Chicken, Jerk Ribs, Jerk Salmon, Stew Fish, Braised Oxtail, Coconut Curry Shrimp, and Coconut goat among others. Jerk Chicken goes for $19 and comes with rice, peas, and pickled slaw. Jerk Ribs go for $23 and comprise guava barbeque, roasted corn served with chadon beni mayo, and toasted coconut. Jerk Salmon goes for $23 and comprises pickled slaw and coconut jasmine rice. Stew fish also goes for the same price and is served with coconut jasmine rice and mixed vegetables. Coconut Curry Shrimp is also an excellent selection, especially if you are particularly fond of seafood. This selection is served with coconut jasmine rice and mixed vegetables. If you love goat meat, you will be delighted to taste Pearl’s Curry Goat. This selection comes with chana and potato and you have the option of either having this meal with dhal puri roti or rice.

Side dishes on Pearl’s menu include macaroni pie, rice & peas, cassava fries, side salad, roasted corn (comprising shado beni aioli and toasted coconut), and mixed vegetables sauteed in a garlic shado beni butter.


Pearl’s also offers a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays running from 12 pm to 4 pm. Selections on the brunch menu include Geera Pork Hash, Jerk Chicken Hash, Bake & Saltfish Cookup, Egg & Cheese on Bake. Breadfruit & Saltfish Cookup, Avocado Smash & Bake, Pumpkin Bake Beignets, and A la Mode.

Happy Hour

Pearl’s also offers a happy hour with a wide selection of drinks including Trini RumPunch, Pearls Rum Punch, Rude Boy, Margarita, Spiked Lib, Dutty Wine Sangria, Sorrel Shandy, and other delights to quench your thirst.

There are many reasons why you should visit Pearl’s when you are in New York City. Pearl’s is alarmingly gentrifying, but it can be quite tricky to eat out in Williamsburg especially if you are not one to indulge in sub-standard $50 steaks in a mid-century furniture surrounding. Pearl’s is a highly reliable and affordable choice that will most certainly delight your taste buds. The old boomboxes on the lightly colored walls covered with beautiful murals, the reggae stars and vinyl of soca in the bathroom, and the bright neon signs–everything at this Williamsburg restaurant is a potent treatment against the seasonal affective disease. But above all else, the food. Of all Caribbean-style cuisines that get extensive coverage, Trinbagonian dishes are perhaps the most diverse, as they exquisitely blend East and South Asian traditions, African, and Amerindian traditions. This creates delightful juxtapositions: rum and butter garlic alternately drench dishes, powder curries awake to the juicy tropical fruit, and mellow coconut creates tangy tamarind. The fearless Fallon Seymor, together with the rest of Pearl’s team defies normal conventions at every turn, and create meals that make you fall in love with every bite. Pearl’s celebrates the distinctions and complexities of Trini cuisine while always being attentive about how to improve them. To cherish and to evolve, is what makes this delightful restaurant wholesome.